Home Inspections – Seller

Home Inspection – Seller

Enterprise Home Inspection, Inc. will be able to assist you, the home seller, in numerous ways. It is important to know as much as possible about the condition of your home before putting it on the market.

Our home inspection will assist you with problems that may exist with your home and what features are still in perfect condition. You can use this information to help determine a reasonable asking price. Not only that, but knowing what issues to expect can help prepare you before the buyer brings his inspector in to have a look around.

By getting a home inspection before putting your home on the market, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make the necessary repairs before you put the home up for sale. At the very least, these repairs are things that can be resolved before you find a buyer.

In all likelihood, any buyer will ask for a home inspection to be done by the inspector of his choice. For a home seller who has already put his home through an inspection, though, the results of the buyer’s inspection shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as any major issues will have already been caught and resolved.

By catching these home problems and defects early, you can decide for yourself whether it is something you are willing to fix for the home buyer, or whether you will deduct any amount from the home price to repair the issue.

Home sellers do not have to make all the repairs that are found on a home inspection that they have commissioned. They will definitely want to make the major ones, of course, since those are issues that will need to be taken care of before the home is sold. But minor issues are not likely to be deal breakers for most buyers, which is why a lot of home sellers decide not to pay to fix the small things themselves.

I would say that having your home inspected by a licensed home inspector before putting it on the market is a proactive approach to selling a home. By taking care of the items that need to be fixed yourself in advance, you will likely save a lot of money compared to what a home buyer would ask to have taken off of the purchase price to repair those same issues.

For sellers who do not want surprises, and who do not want to be rushing around trying to fix minor problems at the last minute before a sale goes through, I would say that having a full home inspection is certainly the right way to go.