Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips:

  • Paint door bottoms for moisture protection
  • Routinely inspect tile for cracking and repair as needed
  • Lubricate doors & windows every 6 months
  • Lubricate garage doors and drive systems every 6 months
  • Lubricate sliding glass doors every 6 months
  • Check pressure relief valve on top of water heater monthly
  • Change A/C filter monthly
  • Have A/C inspected & cleaned every 6 months
  • Check plumbing fixtures for leakage
  • Check ceiling for evidence of roof leakage
  • Check for burned-out bulbs.
  • Check GFCI’s in kitchen, bathroom & outside outlets
  • Check circuit panel for unusual smells
  • Do not do any wiring to fixtures or through walls
  • Always use a licensed electrician
Driveways & Walkways:
  • Seal cracks with asphalt or concrete
  • Pressure clean every 6 months
  • Routinely inspect for tripping hazards
  • Inspect for tree root intrusion
Pool & Patio:
  • Check skimmer basket and remove debris weekly (more frequently if needed)
  • Maintain chemicals at proper levels (seek a pool professional to sample water)
  • Check filter system monthly
  • Remove cartridge filter and pressure clean with a hose monthly
  • Backwash sand or diatomaceous filter monthly and change annually as needed
  • Call qualified mechanic if pump makes unusual noises
  • Check leaf basket at pump weekly
  • Monitor water level of skimmer operation
  • Check automatic cleaner operation
  • Remove toys and floats when not in use
  • Inspect driveways, walkways and home foundation for tree root intrusion
  • Keep plants trimmed and watered
  • Inspect sprinkler heads for damage and replace as needed

This guide is not a substitute for an inspection. Enterprise Home Inspection, Inc. is not responsible for the maintenance of any property or for the property owner’s interpretation of these tips.